This Charter

The Charter here holds the foundation which we were built upon. Current members are held to this Charter from the moment they're brought into our community. Potential members should review this page to obtain an understanding of what we look for in our members; we only seek to invite those that share our beliefs, values, and goals. Violating any part found within this Charter can be grounds for immediate removal from our community.

Core Values

Hand of Fate's core values include but are not limited to the following:

Community First: Members are to maintain the mindset that the community comes first. This mindset can come in many forms depending on the game you are playing and representing this community within. Offering profession services free of charge to Guild members, donating to the community resource pools (guild vault, website services, etc), and representing this community in an honorable fashion are all examples of the "Community First" mindset.

Honor: Members are expected to maintain honor at all times in their actions both within the community and while representing it abroad. Uncompromising integrity is the standard here. Your character and honor are steadfast. Your word is your bond.

Respect: Members will respect each other at all times. While we understand you may not particularly like someone for one reason or another, we never cross the line of disrespecting another individual. When it comes to those outside of our community, you are to respect others until they prove that they do not deserve our community's respect. This only is acceptable under very few circumstances and never permits blatant disrespectful actions from you while you represent HoF Gaming.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is very similar to our Core Vaules in comparison. Potential members can review these to know what is expected of current members.

Uphold This Charter: This Charter is the foundation of Hand of Fate Gaming. We hold every member to this Charter regardless if they've been a member a few weeks or for a few years.

We're A Team: In reference to our "Community First" Core Value, members are expected to put their team first regardless of what title you're playing. Individuals who seek to gear themselves or make any profit solely for themselves will not last here.

We're Adults: This can tie into the "Respect" Core Value. We're adults here and you're expected to act like it if any situation should arise between you and another individual. The Leadership may be requested to get involved if necessary. Handle issues privately - not openly - and resolve them respectfully and maturely.

Have Fun: While we're all adults and we have serious moments in our gaming, members are reminded to have fun while gaming. If you are not having fun then what point is there to playing a game?

Be Active & Involved: We strive to be an active community and it requires every person contributing toward this goal. Inactive members can find themselves demoted or removed depending on length of inactivity. While you're a member of of our community, get involved! Don't hesitate to join in any title we support, be active on the forums, and hop in TeamSpeak to chat with folks; be friendly!

Mature Content: While we all have our stash of midget love novels and movies... we do not need excessive profanity or sexual content in any open media whether it be guild / clan chat, community forums, or open TeamSpeak channels. What you do in your private, dark, and windowless media channels is completely up to you.

Community Leadership: The Leadership here have been appointed their position(s) because 1) the position was needed to be filled and 2) the individual proved their capabilities of handling the responsibility. These positions are not freely given. You can find out who the leadership is within Hand of Fate by clicking here. These individuals are to be treated with utmost respect and any request made from them is to be followed, in almost all circumstances, without question.

No Cheating: Cheating is not permitted under any circumstance. Those found in violation by using hacks or cheats that directly give them an unintended advantage over other players will not only be removed from the community but will have all known account and alias information handed over to the respective department that supports the title in which the player was caught cheating.