The Leadership

The Leadership is composed of individuals who are deeply rooted in this guild. They know the ins and outs of how we run things, what our goals are for the guild, and what plans are in place to achieve those goals. The individuals here can be counted on to lead by example in all situations and are here to assist you if you should have any questions concerning Hand of Fate.

Guild Leader

Sajakain - Profile - Message Sajakain

Sajakain is the current community leader that oversees Hand of Fate as a whole. He mains a Dwarf Warrior that prefers the DPS side of life. "And my axe!"

Guild Officers

HatchedProfile - Message Hatched

Hatced currently mains a Mistweaver Monk for the raid team. You should be advised - he holds the current standing as the best troll in the guild.

Cerïse - Profile - Message Cerise

Cerïse has been around since before the guild was even created. He has several characters that he rotates through depending on the team needs but currently mains a Holy Paladin, erm, Discipline Priest. 

KissyferProfile - Message Kissyfer

Kissyfer has been in Hand of Fate long enough to smack Sajakain in the back of the head if he deserves it. She mains a Hunter for the raid team, is extremely sociable and nice, and likes long walks on the beach.